Review of Criminal Decision


Before I start, I know the author from one of my on-line book clubs. I heard about the book because of that; however it did not effect my review in any shape or form.

Jill Kramer’s Criminal Decision was a very painful and emotional book to read. Why I say that is because it hits way too close to home. Many children and parents have suffered at the hands of the court. In that sense, I could easily classify this book as a “soft” horror book due to the abuse of ethics, child well-being and justice. The mere fact that stuff like this happens in real life is quite an eye-opener.

I have to give her props for writing a book about child abuse without over-dishing the book with lots of scenes with the actual abuse on-screen. The approach was subtle but effective with describing how the little girl reacted to before and after visiting her father’s family. In that sense, I felt that it was a very plotted book since it went into why the mother (Gina) did what she had to do to protect her daughter Emily.

If I had to recommend a fictional book about child abuse, this would be the book I’d recommend. In my personal reading experience a majority of the fictional books I’ve read about the subject tend to over romanticize it, but this book did not glorify the negative aspects at all.


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