Why Horror

I can’t quite recall how many times I’ve been asked this question: why do you like horror so much? Normally I get this question after people find out that I write stories. Sometimes I can’t help wondering if people assume I write romance because of the fact that I cannot deny that I’m a crazy cat lady.

While I do like reading some romance stories, yet that is rare for me to purposely write in that genre. I’m trying hard to not make it seem like I dis romance since a lot of my writing buddies and book club friends love that genre. In fact I’ve read 80 romance books this year alone. After horror and science fiction, romance is my third favorite genre to read. I say this because after I say I love horror, people often assume that I hate romance.

As for horror, I like to write, read and watch creepy stuff. It maybe considered weird by some people, but I like to confront my fears. By writing horror I get to apply my critical thinking skills to different situations involving some of my fears. As a writer I believe it makes for some really interesting stories.

Plus I also have been a fan of monsters since I was a little girl due to seeing the old black-and-white zombie and vampire movies a lot; as an adult now I love writing monster stories. The amount of enjoyment I get from horror is way more than anything I ever got out of writing romance. It just can’t compare. I love the paranormal and fantasy horror aspect a lot. If anything I can’t help that writing horror makes me feel happy to be alive. Monster stories have a large place in my heart.


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